Extraordinary Ricky D. Boone



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Photo Credit: Jennifer A. Shimeld

Q: You are the Co-founder of The Vanishing Wheel Chair Inc. What is it?

A: It has been created to help special needs people find their place in this world.

Q: What about magic tricks makes you happy?

A: I can use my comedy Magic to show people that all things are possible. You can have a dream, and it can come true. LOOK AT ME.

Q: What did you enjoy the most about performing?

A: I get to see people laugh and smile. I get to show people that life can be good. Even with challenges in your life, it can be good.

Q: What do you find most challenging?

A: Everything is a challenge. Getting out of bed, taking a shower, staying alive.

Q: If you had an unlimited amount of money and resources, what would your goal be?

A: To help special-needs people, like myself, find their passion and purpose in this world. I want to give them a reason for getting out of bed each morning. Too many people just give up, or give in.

Q: What piece of “life advice” can you offer readers?

A: Believe in something bigger than yourself. Call it whatever you want. If you do, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE………

“What an amazing story and more amazing and inspiring individual. Thank you for sharing this wonderful soul.”

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